Monday, 14 September 2009

Get your library listed in a mobile phone augmented reality

Augmented reality on your mobile phone! It had to happen sooner or latter. Check out WorkSnug. It's a pity that as of September 2009 it is only available in London, but their web site does say they are going to go global.

Worksnug provides an information overlay on top of your phone's camera. Point the phone into the street or down the road and the WorkSnug overlay tells you about what you are looking at. Designed for all those road warriors in the business community, it shows you the nearest and best places to go online, it even rates the coffee. How cool is that!

If you look really closely at their promotional video you will notice they feature a library as a place to go. How very wise. After all, many libraries have become seriously switched on and hip places to work, study, learn, socialise, and play (and of course read). The text on the WorkSnug video says the featured library is a "friendly, vibrant space, lots of varied activities going on, encourage mobile work." Need I say more.

But here's a word of warning, the WorkSnug team go out and rate sites. So if you want your library to get a favourable mention you better make sure there are no grumpy staff on desk duty when the WorkSnug reviews come and visit. Not that you have any grumpy staff now do you.

As an aside it is also interesting to see the simplicity of the WorkSnug web. There is very little text. Most of the content about what it is and what it does is all in the 1 minute embedded video. Does this really mean that YouTube is wining over Google as the search engine of choice for the digital natives?

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Bibliothekia said...

... and it would appear that WorkSnug has generated a lot of buzz. Check out the blog posts that are coming in on WorkSnug.