Monday, 27 July 2009

Keeping the costs down via an expensive city

A magazine arrived today from the USA. It had been sent to me via airmail and while there is nothing remarkable about that, I did stop and pause at the postage (once a serials librarian always a serials librarian). I noticed that it had been shipped to me via Zurich, Switzerland. In fact the return address was not in the USA but was an address in Zurich-Mulligen. Isn't it interesting that in order to keep their costs down, the US publisher air freights my magazine via one of the world's most expensive cities. I guess there must be something in the Swiss Post tag line "We get things moving" that is for real. Something to ponder on as I read James Wolcott’s essay in my magazine on the impact of Kindle, iPods, and flash on highbrow literature.

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