Monday, 1 June 2009

Library on your iphone

Ok there have been no posts of late. No I am not dead, just very, very busy. One thing that has kept me occupied is reviewing abstracts for conferences. While some of them have been good (as in very good) I wish, I wish, I wish, someone in Australia was doing what Orange County Library in the USA is doing putting their library onto portable devices such as iphones. Someone (anyone) please tell me I have been asleep at the wheel while you have launched your own Australian Library iPhone app.

But back to Orange County, the Library's regular web site is at, while their mobile platform web site is at This library has not only done a great job putting their services onto a portable device, they have also posted onto YouTube a really, really good little video promoting and explaining the service. See following for details.

You can also click here for update blog posts on the Orange County Public Libraries iPhone app, and then of course there is Gerry McKiernan's very good blog on all things mobile in libraries at

Thanks also to Amanda for inspiring me to write this post.

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