Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Library on your iphone - Go AirPac

On Monday last week I blogged in despair that there appeared to be no Australian Libraries putting their portals / catalogues onto a mobile (read iPhone) platform. Well I should have looked at Deakin University Library in Geelong Victoria. While the Deakin iPhone platform does not appear to be as snazzy (Snazzy is a highly technical term describing both technical functionality as well as end-user experience) as the mobile platform used by Orange County Library in Florida USA; good on Deakin for giving it a go. Orange County seems to have the edge over Deakin in that they have already linked in video content as well as a calendar into their Library's mobile platform.

For those interested in the nuts and bolts of it all, Deakin is using the same Airpac platform as that used by Orange county. Airpac in case you don't know is delivered by Innovative Interfaces. Deakin is promoting it's mobile platform via its main library portal so check it out.

Deakin was one of the first Australian Universities to set up a presence on Facebook (I think they were one of the first 10 universities in the world to do this) so it goes to show what you can do if you have great systems staff on deck.

P.S. I have never worked or studied at Deakin so there is no hidden agenda or bias in my comments. I have also never worked for a library using Innovative Interfaces, so while I had heard of AirPac, I missed the news that Innovative was enhancing AirPac so it could be used as a platform for iPhones. I guess you can't be across everything all of the time.

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