Saturday, 14 February 2009

iPhone Applications: by youngest and quantity

There was an interesting news item on the radio today about iPhone applications. Doodle Kids, which is a FREE iPhone application (designed for children) that lets you draw pictures on your iPhone screen. This application is in the top 10 iPhones by the number of downloads. Cute but so what, I hear you say. Well, the programmer is 9 years old! Talk about being a digital native.

The programmer is Lim Ding Wen from Singapore. He wrote the programme for his sisters. the software was originally written for the Apple IIGS and was then ported to iPhone with the original Super Hires colour palette. Ding Wen is also "an ActionScript and JavaScript programmer. He also understand Applesoft BASIC, GSoft BASIC, Complete Pascal, Orca/Pascal and a little Objective-C."

Amazing! There is a delightful video on YouTube of Ding Weng showing how his software works. See following for details.

Oh and by the way, I last blogged about the number of iPhone applications on 4 January 2009. At the time there were (according to almost 14,000 apps written for the iPhone. Now, a little over a month latter, there are over 21,000 iPhone apps of which 1,500 relate to books, another 1,500 relate to education, and 940 which relate to reference. Games (4,471 apps) and Entertainment (2,809 apps) represent somewhere in the vicinity of 35% of all iPhone apps. About 76% of all the iPhone apps cost less than USD $2.00 to download. I guess it is easy to see what is driving this market.

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