Monday, 26 January 2009

Australia Day Honours and Libraries

Congratulations to Elizabeth Ellis from NSW for being awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the General Division for "service to librarianship through a range of professional roles with the State Library of New South Wales".

It's a pity the Australian honours database can't be updated so the 2009 recipient's details can be searched on the day they receive their awards. The only quick way to search across ALL the 2009 recipients for the term librar* was to go to the Herald Sun newspaper's web site.

There are some very poorly constructed databases offered on Australian government web sites, and the honour's database is one of them. On one hand it offers a lot of search functionality but it is impossible to do a keyword search limited within a date range. It would be easier if they added a Google Search box across the site. If there is an easy and cheaper way, and a hard expensive way; why do government agencies so often take the hard and expensive route?


Mal Booth said...

Here, here!
And how depressing to read of so many award recipients who seem to have been given awards simply for doing their jobs. Did they not accept their salary this year?

Bibliothekia said...

There is a lovely moment in Yes Minister, when a new advisor suggests that senior public servants should get performance dividends, and not knighthoods, for doing their jobs. Sir Humphrey Appleby is apoplectic, especially when she says “And what would you choose Mr Appleby”, implying that, push come to shove, he would take the money.