Thursday, 20 November 2008

Yahoo Glue

I have kind of been half following the discussions around Yahoo Glue but on seeing the very positive review on ReadWriteWeb I thought I better check it out. After all, if it out Googles Google you want to be there and see history in the making. :-)

As ReadWriteWeb states: "Yahoo! Glue search results include web search, images, news, blog search, Wikipedia and YouTube videos". To be fair I tried out the same searches I had used last July on Miss Dewey, so (drum roll) hear are the results as of 20 November 2008:

* 1936 Australian Tax Act - Zip, no, null results, zéro pointes. Ms Dewey gave good results on this search.
* Osama Bin Ladin - Mmmm; some videos from YouTube and the Wikipedia entry along with some blog postings. Ok, but not great.
* George Bush - Getting better. In the land of 'Yahoo Glue' George W Bush beats Osama Bin Ladin hands down.
* Alain de Botton - OK but the results are a bit limited.
* Joomla - bit better.
* Waiting for Godot - Mmm, Ok but not great. I am OK with sponsored links as long as they are relevant to the search, but I am not sure what an online Wills service has to do with an Irish play.
* Lord of the rings - Much better results.
* Legal - Good results but this is a very general search.

Bottom Line: Yahoo! Glue is nowhere near as good looking as Ms Dewey (no suprise there), but Ms Dewey also beats Yahoo! Glue when it comes to search results! Yahoo! Glue seems to work if the search is very general or very populist, but it really falls short if the search is specific or something other than mainstream. In terms of searching, Google can go back to sleep as there is no threat here from Yahoo! Glue. This said, Yahoo! Glue has a very nice results interface that groups like with like within common boxes; and it is easy to use.

I am also pleased to see that Yahoo! Glue actually presents search results when you search on Ms Dewey so all is not lost. See following image for details.

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