Monday, 17 November 2008


Well, the VALA / CAVAL roadshow is over and Lizanne Payne (the Executive Director Washington Research Library Consortium) and Karen Schneider (the Free Range Librarian & Equinox Community Librarian) have gone back to the States. Lucky for me (because I did not have to do it, and I would not have done it as well), Michelle McLean has done a fantastic live blog on Lizanne's and Karen's presentations at the State Library of Victoria on Friday 14 November. For the details, check out Michelle's blog at Thanks Michelle.

It was also a delight and a pleasure to travel part of the way around the country with Lizanne and Karen. Both Lizanne and Karen are insightful, interesting, as well as interested, and passionate about libraries (... and food - funny how libraries and food seem to go hand in hand). All in all it was an inspirational week on the road and it was also great to catch up with colleagues from Brisbane and Sydney. Outside of the library presentations, the highlight for me was being at the Democrats Abroad function in Sydney as the returns came in from the US election. If you saw the coverage on CNN, when they crossed over to Sydney (and you looked very, very closely as it was a room full of lots of people) there we were waving and cheering. For more on this memorable event check out Karen's blog at

...And finally, this roadshow would not have happened without VALA and CAVAL working together in partnership, and with the support of the University of NSW and the State Libraries of NSW, Queensland, West Australia, South Australia, and Victoria. Here is an example of the benefits of working collaboratively. We are not large well funded profession, so there can never be too much co-operation and collaboration.

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