Thursday, 20 November 2008

Storytlr and lifestreaming

Fresh from Mashable is a news item about Storytlr which is an Web application that "enables you to create a simple event-based timeline of your photos, videos and tweets". If you have not heard the expression, StoryTlr also functions as a lifestreaming application.

Oh no I hear you say - not another trendy geek term that you have to learn. Those of you with kids and stay at home young adults are at a distinct advantage when it comes to picking up the geek speak from the street. :-)

Well don't feel to bad, as of today Google news only returns 39 hits for lifestreaming so the main stream media is yet to cotton on to this expression. BUT, as of today there are 37,199 hits for lifestreaming on the Google Blog search. Now what does that say about the main stream media!

But seriously, Lifestreaming is a concept that has been around for some time now and I know some of you are right into it (because you have told me). But if you are not already aware, those fantastic people at ReadWriteWeb have a Lifestreaming Primer. This includes a list of some of the other lifestreaming applications.

While a search on Google Trends brings forwards the following results:

"life streaming"

life streaming



So what is the driver here? Is it the technology, or is it something about todays society's fascination on fame and that everybody wants to be a celebrity?

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