Wednesday, 19 November 2008

National Geographic and Gaming

You'll have noticed over the last few weeks there have been a few posts on this blog about gaming. Personally, I think gaming and interactive interfaces are going to play an increasingly important role in libraries over the next 2 years. Gaming and interactive interfaces are also starting to play a greater role in online education. I was therefore interested to see a report on Tech News World that National Geographic has started up a gaming division in partnership with Namco Bandai Games America and Sony Computer Entertainment. Click here to see the full text of the Tech News World article, but the following quote cuts to the chase.

"The new developer's first gaming title, "Herod's Lost Tomb" is available for as a free flash-based game online as well as in downloadable versions for Macs, PCs and the iPhone. The game, the goal of which is to find hidden objects, is based on content from the December issue of National Geographic magazine as well as a television broadcast on biblical figure King Herod, airing on the National Geographic Channel."

Onlines games from National Geographic should be of interest to public and school libraries, but what should be of interest to all libraries is the fact that National Geographic is linking the online games to their print and TV content. Libraries who are getting into gaming would be wise to consider an integrated approach, but then we are wise - arn't we.

I can see the Australian War Memorial adding interactive content and games around their online exhibitions, though this would need to be done in a sensitive way. I can see public libraries integrating gaming content into other parts of the collection and programs; and I can see gaming as part of online education and being integrated into the offerings of school, college, and university collections and programmes. The possibilities are endless.

Note to Brisbane City Library (see the post gaming and testosterone in the library) - maybe you should ensure that books, tapes, and CDs about sports and sporting people are taken out of the collection and integrated into your fantastic dedicated gaming and sports area.

Oh and by the way, because the games are from National Geographic, the images are fantastic.

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