Tuesday, 18 November 2008

How Green is your Library?

Unlike Karen (the Free Range Librarian) Schneider, I keep forgetting to travel with my camera. So unlike Karen, I did not take any photos of the wonderful temporary Greenhouse pavilion by Joost which is located at Federation Square in Melbourne until 29 January 2009.

"With floors of old shipping crates, tables made from fire hydrants and a feature wall of wild strawberries, The Greenhouse takes sustainability to a whole new level!" How fantastic. Check it out!

Though this pavilion is temporary, it makes you think about long term sustainability. In particular, it made me think about all those new "Library as Place" monumental libraries that have been built around the world over the last few years. How sustainable and environmental are they?

I was therefore pleased to discover a blog titled Going Green @ Your Library. The tag line for this blog is "Environmentally friendly practices for libraries and beyond" How good is that! There is also a blog titled The Green Library. So check them out and lend them your support.

One of the less obvious, but still impressive, features of the Brisbane City Library building is the fact that it was made of a lot of recycled, recyclable, and sustainable building materials. The Brisbane library building also treats and reuses water. You will notice from Karen's Flickr photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kgs/sets/72157609222728130/, that though this building uses sustainable materials it is still pretty slick. So does this mean that when it comes to sustainable library buildings we can have our cake and eat it is as well?

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