Saturday, 22 November 2008

Being Digital in school, home and community

Congratulations should also go to Ilana Snyder from Monash University for being appointed a Professor. Last month, Ilana gave a very well received address to librarians in Melbourne on Literacy and Education in the Digital Age. Click here for a copy of the power point presentation.

During this address, Ilana mentioned that she was about to release the findings of an Australian wide survey on the attitudes of teenagers towards digital information. This survey also looked at the way teenagers use digital information. While this survey was focused on "understanding more about the current generation's digital communication practices and the implications for schools", this remains a topic of vital importance to libraries.

For more information on this Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant funded project go to the "Being Digital" home page at This URL includes a summary of the survey findings with case studies to follow soon.

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