Monday, 20 October 2008


Even though it looks as though Pipl has been around since at least late 2007 it is new to me. Pipl is a search engine that focuses on finding information about people. According to the Pipl web site, their "deep search robots continually crawls the web and extracts facts and other relevant information from general web documents, personal profiles, blogs, news articles and other publications using natural language processing and statistical analysis; this data is then automatically converted into quick, simple and interlinked people profiles."

This said Pipl also acknowledges that it "does not verify the accuracy of the facts or the relevance of the tags in each profile". They also acknowledge that they are in an experimental stage. So check out Pipl and see what you think. Does this mean that you now know that you have arrived if you have a Wikipedia entry (that you did not write or ask someone to write) and you have a Pipl profile? :-)

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Polyxena said...

It found a MySpace account I had forgotten I had, but missed out on other stuff in Google and didn't identify me in Facebook though offered others. I also tried someone more famous and unless you really know about the person it was hard to identify which bits were relevant. But it is interesting to know it is there.