Sunday, 28 September 2008

Open Source and Libraries

Near the end of last Friday's L2 Unconference, one of the sessions touched on open source and mobile platforms. Open source is becoming a really big issue for libraries all the round the world. Even if you don't realise it, your library already uses a lot of open source. For example, you library servers, and large bits of your vendor's software, probably use open source. It is therefore not a surprise that there are lots of blogs and web sites focusing on this topic. More on open source later. However, in November 2008 VALA and CAVAL are bring out Karen Schneider as part of an Australian Roadshow to celebrate each organisation's 30-year anniversary.

Karen is an internationally recognised expert and commentator on open source catalogues as well as other issues around open source in libraries. Karen is also one of the top library bloggers. Karen blogs about open source at So, if open source is becoming an important issue for your library, I really recommend you get along to one of these roadshow sessions. Booking details are on the CAVAL web site.

If you are just starting to get your head around open source, there are also some good definitions on the Open Source Foundation web site.

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angelin said...

I’ve worked at two high schools that have used open source software as an alternative to having to pay licenses. This was a decision by the sysadmins at each, made out of a combination of trying to be budget conscious and a dislike of Microsoft. OpenOffice or StarOffice were used instead of MS Office, and withing three years, there was an overwhelming push by the staff to pay the license and return to a standard that was brainlessly compatible with the rest of the Western world.