Wednesday, 10 September 2008

More on Social Media Wave 3 Research

I have found the Universal McCann’s Social Media Wave 3 Research so interesting I have to one more post. In case you missed it: in September 2006 the Wave 1 survey involved 7,500 internet users in 15 countries, in June 2007 the Wave 2 survey involved 10,000 internet users in 21 countries, while in March 2008 Wave 3 involved 17,000 internet users in 29 countries.

According to the Wave survey:

• Australia had the second highest rate of internet penetration (72.9%), the Netherlands had the highest rate (87.8%)
• The most popular activity across the survey population was watching video clips (82.9%). 22% of these people watched a video clip on a daily basis and 37% watched a video clip on a weekly basis.
• Reading blogs was also very popular particularly in Asia. In Australia only 62% of the survey recipients read blogs compared to 92.1% in Korea, 90% in the Philippines, and 88.1% in China. Most people read family personal blogs. More people (up 45%) have started writing blogs. More multimedia content is appearing on blogs.
• The take up of social networking is huge, from 27% in 2006 to 57.5% in 2008.

Following is the overall highlights from the survey. For the rest details, check out the survey for yourself.

Social media is a global phenomenon happening in all markets regardless of wider economic, social and cultural development. If you are online you are using social media

• Asian markets are leading in terms of participation, creating more content than any other region
• All social media platforms have grown significantly over the three Waves
– Video Clips are the quickest growing platform, up from 31% penetration
in Wave 1 to 83% in Wave 3

• 57% have joined a Social Network, making it the number one platform for creating
and sharing content
– 55% of users have uploaded photos
– 22% of users have uploaded videos

• The widget economy is real
– 23% of social network users have installed an application
– 18% of bloggers have installed applications in their blog templates

• Blogs are a mainstream media world-wide and as a collective rival any traditional media
– 73% have read a blog

• The blogsphere is becoming increasingly participatory, now 184m bloggers world-wide
– The number one thing to blog about is personal life and family

• China has the largest blogging community in the world with 42m bloggers, more than the US and Western Europe combined

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