Sunday, 28 September 2008

International Right to Know Day

28 September is International Right to Know Day. If your a librarian, did you do anything to mark this day?

One of the interesting titbits from Mark Engelbrecht's and Kim Whittington's very good L2 Unconference presentation, was the bit about Charlotte and Mecklenburg Public Library strategic plan, and their core value that specifies the "Freedom to Know".

In Australia we often take our rights for granted. We often don't think about our right to read what we want, let alone our right to information that governments or business might have on us. Yet in the "land of the brave and the land of the free" libraries have been on the front lines as the right to privacy and civil liberties were eroded under the Patriot Act. You only have to check out the relevant ALA web page to see how serious this matter became.

So, how about you take the time to mark International Right to Know Day by checking out the following two links:

1. Click here to see the 10 Principles on the Right to Know posted on the Open Society Justice Initiative web site.

2. Click here to see information from the Radio Netherlands: The State Were In programme about the right to know information especially when it is about YOU.

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