Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Interactive media and the Portable Film Festival

With increases in bandwidth (cost of course is another issue) and the rise in dynamic content, there is some really interesting stuff happening in the interactive media space. This is something libraries need to think about. After all, some of the really cool stuff is being created by digital natives and these are our clients of the future.

These digital natives are creating and publishing more and more content, be it at school, university, home, or even the workforce. For example, Melbourne Australia is one of the centres for programmers working with online game software, and they are creating a lot content. This is a young and dynamic workforce, and I suspect there is a lot we can learn from them.

For example, check out the Portable Film Festival. Check out the films, the web site, and see just how young this team is. Given dynamic nature of the medium, it is not surprising that there is a cross over between the interactive media industry and film culture.

So, what role is there for this type of dynamic content in making library interfaces more appealing to digital natives? Should we tag, capture, or preserve this type of content? Is there a role for library portals as a space for showcasing local content and talent? Should / could public library spaces be used as incubators for interactive content generated by the local community?

The Portable Film Festival (now in its third year) is a daily online film channel. How good is that! They (and I quote) profile one great new release each day, every day of the year, plus hunt, tag and collect random great web-based films spotted by Portable Film Festival curators. This is the Portable Film Festival's serious commitment to international screen culture and to broadcasting and distribution models outside of traditional old media channels. Through our site, quality international releases will find audiences online, every day, all year round.

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