Saturday, 2 August 2008

Thing #46: My Web 2, Tangler Online Discussion Forums

Tangler, was one of the services listed in the BRW 2008 Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Application". Tangler allows libraries to create online discussion forums. I have set up a Tangler forum for discussions about Library 2.0.

For details refer to Go to the topic tab to see the threads.

If Library / Web 2.0 is about engagement and participation with clients, then online discussion forums should have a place and play a roll. I can see public libraries setting up online discussion forms for local community groups, and school libraries setting up discussion forums to support study groups. Within the academic sphere, online discussion forums have been used for some time. Bibliothekia is going to play around to see if and how it is possible to embedded Tangler into Blogger. Even with the corporate and government sphere there could be a role for targeted online discussion groups wrapped around specific online library content. For technical help and news on developments there is also the Tangler Blog and the Tangler Wiki.

Post your comments on this blog or even better post them on the Library 2.0 discussion forum I set up at As of 3 August there are 2 discussion topics in this forum. (A) What is the roll of online discussion forums for Library 2.0 services?, and (B) Ten Social Networking Tips for Libraries.

Learning 2.1: Part B, My Web 2.0

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