Saturday, 30 August 2008

Social Media Statistics

While more and more Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM - you have to love that acronym) are using social media, it is apparently still difficult for many organisations to justify the time and effort spent on social media strategies to their funding bodies. It is therefore interesting to see a post late last week on titled How to Find Statistics on Social Media. This article refers to a popular Universal McCann’s Social Media Research Wave 3 research report, which "looked at 17,000 Internet users in 29 countries. According to this study, social media can have a dramatic impact on your brand’s reputation. '34% post opinions about products and brands on their blog and 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs.'" There are some interesting pickings in this report for the above mentioned GLAM organisations.

Also of interest in this article, was the global figures outlining the take up of social media. See following for details. What is interesting in these figures is that the take up seems to be occurring much faster outside of North America.

Even more interesting, and potentially very useful, is the Rapleaf study into Gender and Age Data of Social Network Users. By matching your client demographics against the social media use outlined in this Rapleaf study, you should be able to identify which social media platform best meets your needs. You may also be able to use this study to help support a case to funding bodies exaplaining why it is important to get involved with social media communication channels. If your key demographics are getting connected do you want to be left behind?

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