Friday, 8 August 2008

More on library blogs

Following on from my previous post, here are some of my favourite library / Web 2.0 blogs that, as it turns out, are written by women. Those with sharp eyes will also notice that many of these blogs were also featured in the 2007 list of top library blogs put out by EODb.

* Karen Schneider’s blog on librarianship, writing, and everything else, since 2003. As well as libraries, you will notice Karen loves her new hybrid car. See also Karen's recent article on open source which was published in the School Library Journal. This is a great introduction article about open source in Libraryland.

* Librarianinblack: Sarah Houghton-Jan's great blog on library technology.

* What I learned today: a great blog by Nicole Engard. I particularly like the way Karen takes the view that learning never stops.

* Helen Blower's own blog. Helen must be in line to win some sort of prize for getting librarians fired up about Web 2.0.

* and lets not forget all those women who have tirelessly contributed to great blogs such as and

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