Saturday, 16 August 2008

Mobilise your blog

And the word of the week is.....Mobilisation, or if you are in America, Mobilization.

As you can see from the image on the left, Bibliothekia has just mobilised this blog using Mofuse. Now, on their web site, Mofuse says it takes about 5 seconds to mobilise your blog. Well, they're not kidding! Setting up was ridiculously easy. There is alas one fly in the ointment, but more of that latter.

There is a lot that is impressive about Mofuse. For example, during the 5 seconds it took to set up, I thought: "mmm, I get Google Analytics stats for Bibliothekia, how am I going to get statistics for the mobile phone use of this blog" when WHAMOO, guess what popped up? YES - my Mofuse dashboard comes with statistics, (see following for details). Ok, Ok there is nothing there yet, but give me a chance I only just set this up. It is good to see the stats come with a break down on pageview, unique visitors, mobile pageviews, and unique mobile.

The Mofuse dashboard also offers the ability to customise my MoFuse domain, edit the colours, offer a Mofuse badge, QR Code, SMS widget,... why the lists goes on. Can you tell I am seriously impressed! With ebook reader apps for iphones, and services such as Mofuse, libraries have some very interesting and exciting ways to connect with clients. Think about it, a world of libraries in the palm of your hand.

Now as I mentioned above, there is one little fly in the ointment. It looks as though MoFuse only works for US mobile phone numbers. Don't get me started about the state of telecommunications in Australia, but services such as Mofuse show what is possible in other parts of the world TODAY. However, you can still get Bibliothekia on your Australian mobile phone if you have QR software loaded on your phone. The QR code for this blog is:

If you don't have QR software already loaded on your phone you can pick it up from

Meanwhile back in Australia, the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, has started playing around with QR codes in their campaign for Sydney Design 08.


Bibliothekia said...

Blogger will let you post stuff to a blog from your mobile phone, but Mofuse lets people capture and read your blog from their mobile phone.

westius said...

This is nice info, thanks! Going to go off and get myself a mobile site now. Was nice to find yours too. You will now see some numbers in your site analytics!