Saturday, 2 August 2008

eGovernment: The Power of Information Task Force [UK]

The Power of Information Task Force is a very interesting development within an eGovernment framework, not only for what it is setting out to achieve, but the way it wants to use Web 2.0 technology (such as a blog) to ensure accountability and transparency. The Task Force was established by the UK Government in March 2008. The following terms of reference are taken from the Task Force blog:

* To advise and assist the government on delivering benefit to the public from new developments in digital media and the use of citizen- and state-generated information in the UK, including those identified in the Power of Information Review.

* The Taskforce will report to the UK Minister for Transformational Government at the Cabinet Office but work with public sector bodies where it sees benefit to the citizen or workforce. The Taskforce will operate in an open and transparent manner using modern media.

What is particularly interesting are the following sub-questions:

* How can government further catalyse more beneficial creation and sharing of knowledge, and mutual support, between citizens?

* What more can and should be done to improve the way government and its agencies publish and share non personal information?

* Are there any further notable information opportunities or shortfalls in sectors outside government that those sectors could work to rectify?"

While the Australian Government recently held a 2020 Summit to engage with citizens; and while this summit used online technology to capture as well as report submissions; the summit itself was more about exploring topics and advising on priorities. This UK Power of Information Task Force appears to be more about ensuring an ongoing and all-of-government approach of working within a Web 2.0 environment especially when engaging with citizens.

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