Sunday, 10 August 2008

Cloud Trip and Cloud Computing

Many of the products and services featured in the Learning 2.0 and Learning 2.1 programmes involve cloud computing, and as libraries introduce more Web 2.0 services, they invariably depend more on cloud computing. For example, think of tag clouds that are used to support reference services. Cloud computing is a term used to express the process of using web-based applications to accomplish tasks that were traditionally done with desktop applications. So it is interesting to see the development of Cloud Trip is a free to use directory of cloud computing web sites. Sites are listed under a range of categories such as Blogging, Business, Productivity, and Social, all of which is very useful.

Speaking of cloud computing, last month Bibliothekia noted the effort Microsoft is putting into software as a service from the cloud, and the observation that Cloud Computing Could Be a $1BN Business for Dell "In a Couple of Years" so it comes as no surprise that online resources such as Cloud Computing Journal are now dedicated to the topic, or that there is a major Cloud Computing Expo in the States. Is your library getting into cloud computing?

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