Thursday, 7 August 2008

Build A Custom Search Engine Using Your Social Bookmarks

The folks at ReadWriteWeb often have interesting and informative things to say, and this is no exception. I have held off commenting about their posting on tagging and custom search engines because I got distracted by eGovernment, legal issues for bloggers, and Kevin Kelly's great presentation. See the preceding posts for details. Anyway, back to the ReadWriteWeb article; they make the observation that "many people bookmark, but then turn to Google search when they actually want to find something".

So what does this mean for all those libraries busy building tag clouds to support their library portal's online reference services? Well, ReadWriteWeb suggests that you could build a custom search engine to point across your tags (and other sites of interest), and then offer a sort of targeted best-of-the-best customised search engine to clients. What's even better, is that this is very easy to do. See up on the right hand side of this blog, why yes, it is a customised Google search engine. So if Bibliothekia can do it so can you. See my post of 13 July 2008, Search your own blog. But if you get confused, the ReadWriteWeb article also provides some simple instructions.

While your reading the ReadWriteWeb article, don't forget to check out the bit about Posterous, which is (and a I quote) a lightweight blogging service that lets you blog without even setting up an account. What will they think of next?

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