Sunday, 10 August 2008

Australian Olympic games web browsing habits

Poor Telstra, according to Hitwise, it looks like Australian's and New Zealanders are "leading the charge to the official Olympics website in the lead-in to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Hitwise goes on to say that "with official broadcasters and print media partners ramping up the marketing and promotional efforts of their special Olympic microsites, the competition will be as hot as the 100m Men's final". So does this mean those Telstra ads, like the one with people watching the Olympics in a hairdressing salon via a mobile phone, was a waste of advertising spend? Who knows, but why would you pay Telstra's mobile phone web data costs to watch the Olympics on a small screen? Here's a word of advice to all those hair dressers out there. Ditch watching the Olympics on a client's phone, drag a TV into the salon for two weeks, and turn it on to Channel Seven and / or SBS. Its cheaper and the screen is bigger.


Mal Booth said...

Good post and I agree with the sentiment. Most mobile phone plans in Oz are still a cynical joke on consumers. I am still confused by them and don't really understand why there needs to be such a difference in plans between 3G/GPRS and NextG.

Sometimes the Yahoo7 website offers a tad more indetail than what you can get from Seven's network coverage on the TV, but Seven would have been better to put up delayed telecasts of previous days events (that were not shown) rather than subject us to all those idiots and inane promotions on "Yum Cha".

Bibliothekia said...

There is also a post on ZDNet that discusses the way Australian telco's are charging for data on 3G phones. Anyone who has just bought a 3G phone and has down loaded footage from the Olympics may get a rude shock when their first bill comes in. The ACCC is apparently preparing 3G data customers for what the industry calls "bill shock".