Sunday, 13 July 2008

Thing #45 Charts & Graphs - Part A Flow charts

The flash interface that comes with, combined with a slow internet connection made it impossible to try out this service. As a result, I tried Gliffy instead. Gliffy was easier to use but still a bit slow (it also uses a flash interface) but it was still faster and easier to use than I created a simple flow chart, and then using the "Blog this Diagram" option grabbed the code and embedded it into this blog. However, the file's dimensions were too wide for this blog, and the Gliffy resize by px did not seem to make any difference, so I used the Gliffy JPEG download function and resized the image in Microsoft Paint before uploading it back into the blog. Not ideal but I could not afford any more time with Gliffy. See following for image details. As with, the Gliffy flash interface was slow and got in the way. It did not enhance the experience

Learning 2.1: Flow charts and mind maps

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Debi said...

Thanks for the honest review of Gliffy. We are working hard to improve our speed-functionality in the next few months - we hope you stay tuned. Let us know if you have other suggestions based on your use,
debik at gliffy dot com