Friday, 4 July 2008

Thing #31 Plaxo - online calendar & to do list

Plaxo was very easy to set up and has one of the clearest and easiest interfaces. While it was very, very easy to link in my tags and the RSS feed of the notes from the Facebook page I administer, Plaxo could not find this blog. This was despite me copying and pasted this blog’s URL as well as RSS feed URL. Plaxo can be integrated with Disqus. So I will look into adding Disqus and then try to add in this blog.

With Plaxo it was very easy to add events and tasks, Firefox and icalshare had a bit of a hissy fit [highly technical term] when asked to work together with Plaxo to integrate a couple of TV shows and sport events. It was interesting to see that icalshare even offers a local Melbourne TV calendar with the quote "crap" removed, but when I looked at the calendar it was clear that one persons crap is another person's treasure and vice versa. For the record - Big Brother is crap while 4 Corners is not.

Learning 2.1: Plaxo calendar & to do list

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