Thursday, 3 July 2008

Thing #29 Part B

Not finding a Scrapblog background theme I could live with, I made one myself, and created a 5 page Scrapblog with photos and stickers. While this was intuitive and easy to do, the Scrapblog flash interface was so slow I was not able to load files directly from Photobucket into Scrapblog as instructed. In the end, I had to download the files from Photobucket onto my hard drive, and then upload them into Scrapblog. It then took 1/2 an hour (I kid you not) for Scrapblog to publish the 5 pages. Not that I blame Scrapblog - when will this country get affordable bandwidth with speeds comparable to other developed countries. As this took so much time, I pasted the Scrapblog URL into this blog posting (see following), and will wait until tomorrow to finish this exercise by publishing this Scrapblog using the Share/Post to Flickr option.

Learning 2.1: Scrapblog

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