Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Cuil aims to upset Google's cool

There is a very interesting article posted on Information World Review that "several former Google engineers have today launched a search engine rival, which promises to provide users with greater control over their privacy." Click here to view the full article on this new search engine which is called Cuil – pronounced "cool". The Cuil URL is http://www.cuil.com. While a search across blogs for Cuil suggests the jury is very much out, it will be fascinating to see where this leads.

It is also worth noting that with so many additional services such as Google Analytics, Google Books, Gmail, Blogger, and Google Docs, to name but a few, Google is now much more than just a search engine. Google is in fact more a competitor to Microsoft as they facing off to provide software as a service and computing in the cloud which Dell suggests will be worth USD $ 1 billion a year. No wonder more and more players are trying to move into this space.

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