Sunday, 29 June 2008

As we do Learning2.0 and Learning2.1, and as we build rich and varied Web 2.0 content, it is worth pausing to think about the malware/spyware/badware we may have gathered along the way. This is especially true for people who have low internet security settings and procedures. It is therefore timely to stop and have a look at, which is a consumer-oriented nonprofit organization aimed at fighting malicious software, or "badware". As noted in defines "badware" as follows:
  • If the application acts deceptively or irreversibly.
  • If the application engages in potentially objectionable behavior without:

    • First, prominently disclosing to the user that it will engage in such behaviour, in clear and non-technical language, and
    • Then, obtaining the user's affirmative consent to that aspect of the application.'s activities include:
  • Badware alerts & reports for software applications that violate the Guidelines.
  • Badware Website Clearinghouse for websites reported by partners as potentially dangerous.
  • Information about badware for tips on prevention and cleaning up infections on your computer.
  • Information for webmasters for help in cleaning & securing your website and removing Google's warnings.
The following symbols are used to identify Badware:

Symbol used by Stopbadware to identify "badware":

Symbol used for "badware" under investigation:

Caution symbol for software with bad, but disclosed, behaviour:

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