Monday, 28 April 2008

Thing #55 Slideshare

Again, not part of the orginal Learning 23 things, but Slideshare is a great productivity tool, as well as a great way to find and share interesting content. Of course it comes down to the quality of the content. While there are some presentations of questionable merit, there are also some very good and thought provoking presentations on Slide share. For example, see Ross Dawson's The Potential of Enterprise 2.0 at


Polyxena said...

You are getting ahead of yourself - Slideshare is actually Thing #55 in Learning 2.1, the follow on from Learning 2.0 (the initial 23 things)! See my post about it here:

Polyxena said...

This url might be more useful as the other seems to have got truncated:

ATO Online Learning said...

There are a lot of great productivity tools out there and as soon as you get used to one - another pops up!!

Keep this site in mind for the Learning 2.1 program - our last post is to find something new and introduce it to everyone else.