Friday, 7 December 2007

Thing #14 Tagging and Technorati

Setting up Technorati was so easy as was 'claiming' this blog on Technorati. The following button helps readers of this blog mark Bibliothekia as a favourite.

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Thing #13 Tagging and

I am constantly finding great stuff emailing the URL to myself and then when I need it again in a few days, weeks, months, spend a lot of time looking for the URL. is therefore a God send. As with so many of these Web 2.0 gadgets it is so easy to register and use that it makes you wonder why it has taken so long to emerge out of the mist of the Digital and online revolution. is also beeing used by a growing number of libraries (I think Whitehorse Manningham was one of the first in Melbourne) to offer tag clouds as part of their online reference services to patrons and library staff.

The collaborative network offerings within as well as the ability to create tag descriptions is also useful. See the VALATAGS for details.