Saturday, 27 October 2007

Thing#11 LibraryThing

I really enjoyed building a library in LibraryThing, though so far I have only added a small fraction of my personal library. I found that it was very easy to add books and then link LibraryThing into this blog. I used Amazon as my default search source in LibraryThing mainly because unlike the library catalogues, Amazon confirms the date published.

In adding books to Librarything, it is interesting to see how many UK and Australian books are not listed in Amazon. It is therefore a pity the British Library is not yet a LibraryThing source. As a result, I used the National Libraries of Australia and Scotland as well as Trinity College in Dublin as non U.S. sources to support my content in LibraryThing.

I also looked at LibraryThing for Libraries. The ability for libraries to very simply integrate LibraryThing's social data such as tags, reviews, and recommendation into their catalogue should dramatically increase the richness of data in a library's catalogue. This should make a huge difference to clients use catalogues to discover items especially as the tagging is constantly updated. As the following quote says:

"I've seen the future of online catalogs, and its name is LibraryThing"
Steve Cohen, Public Libraries magazine (March/April 2006)

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Bibliothekia said...

Good News! In January 2008, just released 33 new data sources from the UK including The British Library. There is also a growing number of Australian data sources. Bibliothekia is very pleased.