Thursday, 25 October 2007

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A new personal discovery was comming across Libworm at This is cool as the next lot of things to learn relate to RSS. Libworm is THE librarian RSS engine with over 1500 RSS feeds. "The contents of these feeds are then available for searching, and search results can themselves be output as an RSS feed that the user can subscribe to either in his/her favourite aggregator or in LibWorm's built-in aggregator." How cool is that.

In Libworm the feeds are grouped under categories and subjects. "Each feed searched by LibWorm has been assigned a category, so when you browse by Feed Category, you're seeing all the content from the feeds that have been assigned to that category. Subjects are pre-built searches, usually of greater complexity than the user interface currently supports, for common subjects of interest to libraryfolk. It might be easier to understand with an example:

If you browse by the FEED CATEGORY "Podcasts : Academic Libraries," you see ONLY content from feeds that are podcasts produced by academic libraries. If you browse by the SUBJECT "Podcasting" you'll get all items that contain the words "podcasting", "podcasts" or "podcast"."

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David said...

Wow, thanks for the kind words about LibWorm!

Please do let us know what feeds need to be added to it, or what features you'd like to see added or enhanced. Also, check out a couple of short tutorials on how to make LibWorm do nifty and useful tricks for you.

Very best,

-David Rothman
Co-creator of LibWorm