Sunday, 28 October 2007

Thing #60 Facebook

Ok, Facebook is also not part of the original Learning 23 things program but that is probably because Facebook has only been open to all to join since September 2006. I guess it goes to show how quickly the web 2.0 world is moving. Mind you in the web 2.0 world 12 months ago is probably an eternity. One of the key things Facebook demonstrates when compared to MySpace is that most people are not web designers. The tighter control Facebook has over the look and the feel of the interface makes it easier to navigate and view. However there are some interesting issues around the closed wall approach of both MySpace and Facebook and the use of Facebook in libraries. See the following articles from The Economist Internet communities, Break down these walls and Facebook fatigue.

See also the VALA Facebook your library event and the VALA Facebook page for ionformation on how libraries are using Facebook and Web 2.0 technology. Note thatv you need to have a Facebook profile to view events section but not the VALA page.

For news on Facebook check out this Google News link.

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